Transcendent. Multi-dimensioned.
What is time?
            Movement. Fast. Slow.
Time heals wounds.
            Time distances.
But what is time, really?
            The rotation of the earth.
                        Its circling of the sun.
The Son.
            In time. Above time. Before time.
                        At the end of time.
Time heals.
Jesus heals. Bisecting time.
            Decimating time. Obliterating time.
            In no time.
What do we miss, if we miss the time?
            Whose time is more important?
Time is money. Hmm.
            Whose, then, is more important?
All creation stands outside time.
            Outside money. Outside encumbrances that disdain
                        and crush any of creation.
Transcendent. Multi-dimensioned.
            Out of time.
Just in time.

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