Stations of the Cross: A Theology of Liberation

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman: Jruchi Gospels II MSS Georgia 12th cent.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman: Jruchi Gospels II MSS Georgia 12th cent.

To follow in the footsteps of Jesus is no easy journey. It is messy, sometimes excruciating, but paved by grace, saturated in mercy and always – always – accompanied by Love. Yesterday I witnessed the agonizing slander of someone very dear to me. While none of us are capable this side of final Redemption to act in absolute purity of intention, this blessed one gave his life to a vulnerable, neglected soul. And, certainly, this soul likely knows not what he is doing, the malign and disparaging remarks are no less painful to endure. And, such is the way of the cross. And, so, we might stand in solidarity with others who endure far greater opposition than these.  

Below is a video meditation by Pérez Esquivel of Argentina (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 1980) initially presented in response to the question, “What is liberation theology?” Esquivel’s 15 Stations of the Cross were originally to mark the 500th anniversary of the colonization of the Americas. For background, please note the last two images. The commentary alongside each is by Alastair McIntosh of Scotland. It is based around, but builds upon, original text from the CIDSE agencies (Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité) that distributed the pictures.

The image that displays your response is taken from the original liturgical meditations by Maria Graf-Huber. I have tried to give sufficient time to each station to read and gaze on the painting, but, please pause the video if it is beneficial to your heart to linger there.

This week is all about waking with Jesus to the cross. Take time. Remain, wait with Jesus. Listen to the heart of God. And speak. Be quiet. Be still.

If you hear or something is impressed on your heart,  and would like to share, please do – on this blog, with a friend, to your child, to the person next to you at Starbuck’s … It is worth sharing!


Stations of the Cross from Latin America 1492 – 1992


2 thoughts on “Stations of the Cross: A Theology of Liberation

  1. Reblogged this on Eirene and commented:

    I wrote this on Good Friday last year. The video meditation on the Stations of the Cross from a Liberation Theology perspective is worth revisiting on this Good Friday. I pray you find it as meaningful and, perhaps, convicting as I do. Follow Jesus with me in the way of the Cross.

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