Allhallowtide, Tradition and the World Series

If a rose can bloom on Nov 2nd in Chicago, the Cubs have a shot at the pennant!

If a rose can bloom on Nov 2nd in Chicago, the Cubs have a shot at the pennant!

I love to celebrate Allhallowtide in our country because the ways with which we observe holidays here are informed by countless cultures, morphed over time by individuals and families and communities, while keeping unique features that mark the time as sacred. Our family is descended from many ethnicities, so it is often difficult to decide on one tradition “originating” from any of those found in our heritage. What we often do is join friends who find great meaning in their traditions or research the meaning behind others in which find significance until it becomes our own tradition—honoring any number of our ancestral lines while honoring who we are as a family, uniquely imaging God’s being in space and time.

Today is All Souls Day. It is also the night of game 7 in the World Series! So, we honor the souls that have long-awaited a Cubs’ World Series win, those who died commended in their faith, yet did not receive what was promised. Ok, so maybe not promised a Cubs win, but we do remember our parents and friends and the stories of camaraderie that bind communities together. I always remember my dad during Allhallowtide. Though he cared more about football, the Denver Broncos, specifically (another inspired team), my mom was a big Brooklyn Dodgers fan. She remembers, “When they won the pennant in 1955 my friends and I marched through the streets with signs celebrating the win.” I married into Cubs fandom, but am happy to assimilate this tradition tonight, with “Cubs floats” and family gathered in the fireside room. Go Cubs, Go!

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