How Rogue?


Yesterday, our family went to see Rogue One. We found it to be great storytelling and very well done. Perhaps better than last year’s major production. Generally, though, [spoiler alert!] I do not enjoy movies in which every character dies—especially, when I am not prepared for this outcome. Of course, I understood it to be the ancillary story to the in-between space (so to speak) of Episodes III and IV, and it is to be expected that everyone who has ever lived will eventually die. Still, when going to the theatre to be entertained, my preference is to see at least some of the characters go on to experience more life, and not to leave bummed out!

Yet, I was struck by how determined each person ultimately was to fulfill the mission to ensure that the potential for great evil be thwarted eventually. While most were reluctant to put themselves in such mortal danger, each chose to do so in order to pass on this vital information—fully knowing that after the hand-off they would die. And this got me thinking: how willing am I, really, to even be uncomfortable so that things can be made right in this world, to be that piece (peace) that is necessary for heaven to reach creation’s fulfillment on earth?

Because, I have to believe that there is something more than my solitary existence.

I have to believe that following my aberrant, aka rogue, actions (and possible death) good will be promoted and that an essence of my having existed remains therein. I have to believe that there is a More-Than of whom I am a part. I have to truly believe that my unique character is made in the image of that More-Than, and as unique, lives that image in a way no one else does. I have to believe that by trying to be something I am not—or just not living me to my fullest—goodness and love is not promoted to its fullest potential. I have to believe it matters.

So how rogue am I willing to be? And what does that look like in my space and time? Who is willing to go rogue with me? Or even to see into each other how each of us is particularly skilled and gifted to help make things right, be goodness in this world?

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