Fourth Sunday of Lent – Celebrate!

celebrate creativity

“All Things Right” ~But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. [Amos5:24] by, Nicole S Oliver Snyder

I #celebrate the creative germ. How might I nourish the creative seed at my core today? #makeallthingsright #justiceandrighteousness

Making All Things Right

Minutest of the infinitesimal

   In gravity’s faint force, perceived,

Yet bears that energy

   The weight of collapse

     Supernovae’s center demise

   Convey with you its secret;

Origin’s designator: neutrino.


Epicenter of a single cell

   Swaddled in protein weave, tractable,

Yet commands the cell

   Duplicating double helix

     Energy’s creative source,

   Trans-human, exceeding 99% identical;

Life: deoxyribonucleic acid.


Essential to all organisms proliferate

   Given to disequilibrium, vapor,

Yet generates matter, all forms

   Ornate biochemical scaffolding

     Fundamental C-H-O-N-P-S

   (though P’s having a bad minute);

Primordial ingredient: atom.


Not a thought experiment of fairness

   Nor a lady’s balancing act, scrupulous,

But bears, commands, generates, Being

   Piercing time and space, Relating,

     Flow lavish water, quenching

         Making right amid all creation, Creator,

God’s intent: Justice and Righteousness

Good and Gracious God, I celebrate your mindful attention on me and on ______. Thank you, for the work you are doing in and through us. Amen.

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