Greetings. I live in Aurora, IL, with my family. My husband, Howard Snyder, is a youth pastor, though currently working as Project Manager with Platinum Restoration http://www.platrest.com. We have four remarkable children: Samantha, a freshman at Loyola University-Chicago; Greer, sophomore in high school; Lysander, 6th grade, and Clark, 2ndgrade. My husband and I are ordained in the Free Methodist denomination, I am a licensed professional counselor, and we are presently engaging the ministry of Iglesia Metodista Libre de Aurora (Free Methodist Church of Aurora), with a view to, in partnership, begin another congregation in the part of the city in which we now reside—sharing resources to reach the prevalent Latino/a population and their emerging, very N American young people. In my spare time, I build stair cases, cabinets and paint the house we purchased in May–I’m learning a LOT about plumbing and carpentry….and, accumulating an assortment of scars! I’m also a musician and love to read up on physics and neurobiology–fascinating connections to the spiritual!

With certification in Formative Spirituality through the post-graduate program of the Epiphany Association, and 2 1/2 years writing/research for a PhD program at London School of Theology (England) in OT theology (Amos) and Spiritual Formation; I am currently enrolled in a DMin program at Denver Seminary–fervently praying that I’ll have the resources to finish this one!


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